Сookie policy

The cookie policy applies to all pages of the push.rent platform (the "Platform"), its aliases and elements (js-scripts, marketing materials) available on the websites of third parties which are the customers or partners of the Platform.

Installation, data collection, removal and analysis of information obtained using cookies only serves to improve the user service in cases such as unhindered authorization, user's "recognition" and analytical calculations.

The Platform does not collect any personalized data even when using the cookie technology. All information that can be obtained using the technology is only of technical or commercial nature.

The Platform uses two types of cookies: session cookie and persistent cookie

The Platform does not use third party cookies, but provides its own cookies for the partners, customers and other subcontractors so that they can properly communicate with the end users of the Platform.

Cookie deletion

Partners, customers, and other subcontractors working with the Platform can stop the spread of the Platform cookies at any time by suspending cooperation. 
The end users can use the tools of their browser to delete cookies.